(After Searching the Web Tirelessly…. We Start to see Results! lol)

I Do not Play EVERY One of these Games However i have still Researched Every Game Currently listed Below and Documented as Many Tips and Tutorials as i can to Help all you Facebookers get along with a little less Stress and allot more Ease!

Everyday i learn a little more and update a little more so keep checking back for new Games, Guides &  Tips

If  i am Missing Something you want to know about Please feel Free to Comment or Send me a Message!

Adventure World

 Band of Heroes

 Barn Buddy

 Bubble Island

 Cafe World

  Castle Age


 City of Eternals


Country Life

Crazy Planets

Dream World

 Empire Battle

Empires & Allies

  Epic Pet Wars



Fashion Wars

• FishVille

• Fish World

 • Fish Wrangler

• FrontierVille

 • Gangster City

 • GnomeTown

 •Happy Aquarium

 • Happy Island

• Happy Pets

 • Hero World

• Hidden Chronicles

• Hospital City

• Hotel City

• Island Paradise

•Kingdoms of Camelot

• Levynlight

• Lil Farm Life

• Mafia Wars

• Marvel: Avengers Alliance

• Miscrits

• My City Life

• My Town

• Ninja Saga

• Ninja Warz

 • Office Wars

 • Pet Society

• PetVille

• Pirates Ahoy!

• Pirates Saga

 • Restaurant City

• Social City

• Sorority Life

• Towner

• Treasure Isle

• Vampire Wars

• Wild Ones

• YoVille

• Zoo Paradise


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