Adventure World

Adventure World

Go on exciting adventures and complete daring quests. Find hidden treasure and discover lost relics! Recruit your friends for expeditions; you don’t have to brave these dangers alone! And when you’d like to take a break from adventuring customize your base camp any way you like. In Adventure World, there is something exiting waiting around each corner, behind every rock, and inside every dark and mysterious cave!

Find hidden treasure and long lost relics while you battle dangerous creatures in these unexplored lands. Every expedition will take you to a new and exciting location!

A player can ask for five helpers each time an expedition starts. Each helper has three energy and uses the best tools available. Example: If the player has a level 2 machete and the helper has a level 4 machete, then the helper will use the level 4 machete. Of course this also applies in the other direction: If you have all tools leveled up to level 4, every helper will have level 4 equipment (even if they don’t have them themselves).

How 2 go on expeditions

 Once you have unlocked new locations, you can travel there by clicking on the “Map” button then selecting a destination. Make sure you have plenty of supplies.

How 2 hire friends for Expeditions

You can hire friends for your expedition crew by first clicking on an “Add Bonus” button, located on the bar near the bottom of your screen, and then by clicking on an “Ask for Help” button on the screen that comes up.

How 2 gain experience (XP)

XP can be gained by performing various actions in the game. When an action grants you XP, you will see it drop in the form of a star “doober”. Completing quests will also grant you XP bonuses. You can check your XP progress by hovering over your XP bar; you might also note what can be unlocked by reaching the next level.

How 2 get more resources

You will be able to produce one of the three resources, the other two you can collect either by visiting friends with that specific resource and harvesting it, or by requesting them from your friends. You could also gain resources from completing expeditions


How 2 get more energy 

Your energy will refill according to the timer on your energy bar, every time the timer counts down to 0 you will receive 1 energy point up to your max energy. You can also receive more energy by visiting your neighbors, as a random bonus drop for various actions, and you can purchase more energy with Adventure Cash by clicking on your energy bar. In addition, energy can be gifted from the free gifts page. When you reach the next level your energy bar will be fully refilled and your maximum energy is increased by 1 (up to the current maximum energy limit).

How 2 expand your Base Camp

You can find all the available expansions and their requirements in the build menu, under expansions. To place an expansion you must first purchase it from the build menu then place it over the desired area.


Bridge NailsBat Houses Bug Spray Bugs

 Barbed Wire Bubble Bath Black Ink

Black Dye Broom Cinnamon Candies Prof. McGillicuddy's Cold Resistant Sample Bags

Concrete Cipher Chain Cup of Sugar

Cherry Snakerade Compass Rose Seeds Clover Carabiner

Climbing Rope Deodorant Detonator Caps Decoder Ring

Floor Plan Flashlight Bulb Fly Swatter Frozen Oats

Graham Cracker Grape Snakerade Helium Balloon Hypnotizing Watch

Journal Pages Licorice Lantern Battery Marking Chalk

Mortar Oven Mitts Pliers Planks

Perfume Bottle Pole Polish  Ice Cube


What do I get from completing a collection?

Each collection has a different reward; these rewards are shown on the collections page and are often needed to complete quests.

How 2 obtain collection items

Collection items have a chance to drop as you perform various tasks in the game.


More Gift Request Links


BeaconCarrot Seeds Salt Lick  Coffee Mug

Rake Sunshine Vacuum Tube  Sand Bags

Flare Cans of Tuna Bottles of Milk Stink Gourds

Stink Weed Horsefly Siren Boxes Hand Crank

Animal Skins Antlers Mason Jar Canvas

Sharpening Stones Fine Rugs Snake Cage Gas Can

Water Pail Pump Pipes Top Soil

Food Basket Thatch Wood Paint

Twine Tile Water Fuel

Food  Drive Shaft Small Pump Spur Gear

 Weather Vane Wooden Trestle Windmill Blade

How 2 Earn Adventure Cash?
To earn Adventure Cash, you can either complete offers under the “Earn Adventure Cash” tab


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