Band of Heroes


Band of Heroes  is a Facebook game developed by Lolapps. The game is a WWII-inspired RPG where you play as a member of an elite squad of heroic soldiers striving for victory. Pull together your squad and put on a brave face as you battle your way through the war-whacked landscape. Choose your weapons wisely, and never leave a man behind!

 Theaters of War!

theater of war is a collective group of episodes in Band of Heroes. The episodes for each theater consist of a number of tasks leading to a final mission. A minimum number of tasks must be completed before completing the mission and advancing to the next episode. If all tasks are completed before completing the mission, the player is said to have ‘mastered’ the episode. This process can be repeated three times to achieve the three levels of mastery for each episode: Platoon, Company, and Battalion.

Each episode is named after the final mission.

List of Theaters of War


  • Episode 1.1 – Into the Fray
  • Episode 1.2 – A Difficult Landing
  • Episode 1.3 – Amphibious Assault
  • Episode 1.4 – Second Wave
  • Episode 1.5 – Call of Duty
  • Episode 1.6 – Taking the Bluffs


  • Episode 2.1 – Bridge to Nowhere
  • Episode 2.2 – Purple Heart Lane
  • Episode 2.3 – Secure the Farmhouse
  • Episode 2.4 – Noon Day Truce
  • Episode 2.5 – Krauts in the Cabbage Patch
  • Episode 2.6 – The Lions of Carentan

The Battle of Bloody Gulch

  • Episode 3.1 – Hard Won Spoils
  • Episode 3.2 – Spray the Trees
  • Episode 3.3 – TARFU!
  • Episode 3.4 – Exposed
  • Episode 3.5 – Jagdpanzer
  • Episode 3.6 – Ostendorff’s Hellfire


  • Episode 4.1 – Son-of-a…
  • Episode 4.2 – Pit-Stop in Brix
  • Episode 4.3 – Cautious Advance
  • Episode 4.4 – Drive to High Ground
  • Episode 4.5 – Fort du Roule
  • Episode 4.6 – Gateway to Victory
  • Episode 4.7 – Hedge Row Hell

St. Lo

  • Episode 5.1 – Slow Advance
  • Episode 5.2 – Battle Fatigue
  • Episode 5.3 – Hill 122
  • Episode 5.4 – Dirty Gertie
  • Episode 5.5 – Capital of the Ruins

Brocage Country

  • Episode 6.1 – Not So Friendly Fire
  • Episode 6.2 – The Panzer Lehr
  • Episode 6.3 – Marigny
  • Episode 6.4 – Trouble in the East
  • Episode 6.5 – Gateway to Brittany
  • Episode 6.6 – Storming the Vipers’ Den
  • Episode 6.7 – Valley of Death

The Falaise Gap

  • Episode 7.1 – Untouchables
  • Episode 7.2 – Rushed Celebration
  • Episode 7.3 – The Red Cross
  • Episode 7.4 – City of Cinders
  • Episode 7.5 – The Mace


  • Episode 8.1 – Rendezvous at the Gran Palais
  • Episode 8.2 – Rearming the Resistance
  • Episode 8.3 – Blood of Lambs
  • Episode 8.4 – Bells of Notre Dame
  • Episode 8.5 – Liberation Day Parade
  • Episode 8.6 – Preserver Le General!

Operation Market Garden

  • Episode 9.1 – Calm Before the Storm
  • Episode 9.2 – Red Ball Express
  • Episode 9.3 – Lack of Communication
  • Episode 9.4 – “Out of ammo. God save the King”
  • Episode 9.5 – Little Omaha
  • Episode 9.6 – Arnhem Rescue
  • Episode 9.7 – Crucifix Hill


  • Episode 10.1 – Scorched Earth
  • Episode 10.2 – Howitzer Blitz
  • Episode 10.3 – Sewer Duty
  • Episode 10.4 – Last Stand of the Wehrmacht
  • Episode 10.5 – The Western Edge
  • Episode 10.6 – Sloggin’ It

Hurtgen Forest

  • Episode 11.1 – Panzers in the Forest
  • Episode 11.2 – Through the Dragons’ Teeth
  • Episode 11.3 – Cold Carnage
  • Episode 11.4 – Man Down
  • Episode 11.5 – Our Darkest Hour

Battle of the Bulge

  • Episode 12.1 – Operation Grief
  • Episode 12.2 – Getting Personal
  • Episode 12.3 – Nuts
  • Episode 12.4 – Silent Night
  • Episode 12.5 – A New Year
  • Episode 12.6 – Erasing The Bulge
  • Episode 12.7 – Exodus


Acquiring weapons

Common weapons can progressively be bought in the game’s depot using in-game ‘war funds’.
Uncommon weapons are available through completing tasks, missions, and collections; and through bonus drops.

Rare weapons are available only through random bonus drops.

Epic (or ‘premium’) weapons are (rarely) available through random bonus drops, and a limited supply is occasionally made available through the depot’s contraband section, where they can be purchased using ‘favors’.

There is currently only a single ‘legendary’ weapon available, the M1897 Trench Shotgun DX, which is only available for favors in the depot’s contraband section. It is the most expensive item in the game, requiring 198 favors. When the weapon was first offered this was the maximum amount of favors a player could earn in-game without paying with real money, or completing offers, for more. The addition of more missions (and consequently more favors being available) means that this is no longer the case.

Available weapons:

 M1903 Springfield

 Chocolate Grenades

| M1 Garand Rifle

 Cupid on the Frontlines

 Winchester 1895

 Lee-Enfield Rifle

M 12 Shotgun

 Johnson Rifle

 M1 Carbine


 |Sten 9mm

 KIS Machine Pistol

 35M Puska

 Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle

 Tesla Rifle

 Karabiner 98k


Scoped Gewehr 43

 Browning Auto-5 Shotgun

 Red Ryder BB Gun

 m2-2 Flamethrower

 Browning Automatic Rifle

 Reibel Machine Gun


 Scoped Lee-Enfield

 Goryunov SG43

 M1 Sniper Mod

 Tanker Garand

 MP 40

 Thompson SMG

 Bergmann MP18

 M9 Rocket Launcher

 EMP 44

 MP 3008

 M3 Submachine Gun

 FM 29

 M50 Reising

 Blyskawica SMG

 MP43 with Tactical Scope

 Mini Flammenwerfer

| Browning M2HB

 Lanchester SMG

 Suomi KP/-31

 Blacker Bombard


 Modified MP18

 M2 Flamethrower

 Johnson Light Machine Gun

 MG 42

 Danuvia 43M SMG

 M1A1 Carbine

 Hotchkiss Machine Gun

 Bren Light Machine Gun

 Gustloff Assault Rifle

 M2 ‘Hyde’


 Mauser MG 81

 Breda 30

 M18 Recoilless Rifle

 Browning M1919

 Besa Machine Gun

 Vickers Machine Gun

 Walther Toggle-Action Shotgun


 M7 Grenade Launcher

 Boys Anti-tank Rifle


 Scoped Carcano M91/41

 De Lisle Carbine


| M55 Reising

 Browning M2


 ROKS-2 Flamethrower

 Browning M1917 Heavy MG

 Solothurn Anti-Tank Cannon


 M1917 Enfield

 Lewis Gun

 Moschetto Automatico Beretta (MAB)

 Tanaka Gewehr 33

 “Liberator” Shotgun

 |ZB vz.26

 MG 34


 M3A1 Grease Gun

 M1897 Trench Shotgun DX



Honors are special achievements that you get as you advance through your military career. The Honors tab can be find under the Profile. As you advance through each tier of honors, you will be promoted to the next rank (1st Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Colonel) To advance to the next tier of honors, you must first obtain all the required honors first, by meeting their criteria. The Honors with (optional) beside them, mean that those honors do not have to be obtained, in order for you to move onto the next tier.

List of Honors for Rank 1

Rank 1 Pulling Ranks.png

 Pulling Ranks

Service Stripes.png
Service Stripes
Earned by completing the Tutorial
Welcome to the front lines!
Overseas Service Badge.png
Overseas Service Badge
Earned by doing your first mission.
Your loved ones at home are keeping you in their hearts and minds.
Physical Fitness Badge.png
Physical Fitness Badge
Earned by winning 5 battles.
Physical training at boot camp worked wonders for you.
Marksman Badge.png
Marksman Badge
Earned by mastering “Taking the Bluffs.”
We’re nearing our objective. Don’t stop now!
Distinguished Rifleman Badge (optional).png
Distinguished Rifleman Badge (optional)
Earned by mastering “Secure the Farm House.”
Many of our soldiers wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for your bravery.
 Expert Shooter Badge (optional).png
Expert Shooter Badge (optional)
Earned by purchasing 10 M1 Garand Rifles.

List of Honors for Rank 2

Rank 2 Honor and Glory.png

Honour and Glory

Divisional Badge.png
Divisional Badge
 Earned by having a squad of at least 30 soldiers.
They would die for you, and you for them.
Tank Destroyer.png
Tank Destroyer
Earned by Mastering “Exposed.”
I have a feeling you’ll be destroying quite a few more Panzers before this war is over.
Anti-aircraft Artillery.png
Anti-aircraft Artillery
Earned by recruiting 4 soldiers to protect your resources.
Driver and Mechanic Badge.png
Driver and Mechanic Badge
Earned by unlocking Cherbourg via mastery of “Ostendorf’s Hell Fire.
” Soldier, you are fearless!
Combat Infantry Badge.png
Combat Infantry Badge (optional)
Earn your prestigious CIB badge by banking at least 1,000,000 in War Funds!
Officer Candidate.png
Officer Candidate (optional)
Earned by upgrading your resources 6 times.
Increasing your access to war resources will prove invaluable, trooper.

List of Honors for Rank 3

500px-US-O4 insignia svg.png

Front Lines

Commemorative Medal of the D-Day Invasion 
Earned by reaching level 75.
It’s been some time since Omaha Beach, but Uncle Sam hasn’t forgotten your bravery.
Medal for the Capture of Cherbourg 
Earned by liberating Cherbourg via mastery of “Gateway to Victory.”
This port will be vital in days to come.
Medal for Operation Cobra 
Earned by mastering “Storming the Viper’s Den.”
We’re leaving brocage country, and refuse to look back!
French Croix de Guerre 
Earned by acquiring 1 each of the following French weapons: MAS-36, MAS-38, FM 29
German Occupation Medal (optional)
Earned by winning 100 battles against other players.
Make the enemy fear you!
European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal (optional)
Earned by unlocking “Gateway to Brittany.”
You’ve been fighting in the European theater for some time, and you deserve recognition.

List of Honors for Rank 4

202-80px-lieutenant colonel insignia.png

Battle Hardened

Presidential Unit Citation 
Earned by reaching an income of at least 1500 from your resources.
Uncle Sam is proud of you!
Army Meritorious Unit Citation 
Earned by reaching level 250.
The road to liberty is long and winding, but our squad preserves.
Bronze Star 
Earned by winning 125 battles against other players.
You’re an indispensable part of our war effort
Silver Star 
Earned by buying 100 of each of the following: Harley-Davidson WLA, M1 Carbine, Mk2 Frag Grenade
Soldier’s Medal (optional)
Master all the mission’s in St. Lo.
The most determined people do a through job no matter what the cost.
Good Conduct Medal (optional)
Earned by having a squad of at least 47 soldiers.
A soldier’s only as strong as the weakest link in his squad.

List of Honors for Rank 5


Taste of Victory

Army of Occupation Medal 
Earned by buying 100 M4 Sherman Tanks.
Flatten the enemy with your tank brigade!
Army Commendation 
Earned by banking 100,000,000,000.
You have enough money to feed an army…literally!
Distinguished Service Cross 
Earned by hiring 25 soldiers to protect your resources.
Your reputation precedes you. It’s an honor for these low ranking soldiers to assist you.
Distinguished Service Medal 
Earned by fully upgrading all properties and mastering all missions.
It’s time we talk about a promotion, soldier.
Gold Star (optional)
Earned by having a squad of at least 500 soldiers.
Pretty soon you’ll have an entire division at your disposal.
Expert Infantryman Badge (optional)
Earned by winning 1000 battles against other players.
“Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.” – Omar Bradley

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