Solitaire Blitz Tips

If you want to reach the top of the leaderboard week after week, you’re going to have to master combos. Every time you click the deck in Solitaire Blitz, your combo is reset. By quickly and strategically selecting cards, you can carry out a long run that will multiply your score and shrink your stock of playable cards dramatically.

Sometimes, creating a combo is pure luck: by chance, the hidden cards turn out to be exactly what you needed to keep playing. But a skilled player will also set themselves up to go on long combos. Plan a few steps ahead to make sure you’ve got the next few cards lined up. Using the Run Finder is an easy way to help predict where the next combo lies. For instance, if you have a 5 on the build pile and you have 4, 5, 6, 7 face up, start by playing the 4 instead of the 6. That way you clear more cards and have a five card combo as opposed to just a three card combo.

Keys First
When playing Solitaire Blitz, in the early game you want to focus on clicking the cards marked with keys as quickly as possible. Getting those other build piles up on the board is crucial for getting big combos and high scores.

Tall Decks First
The tallest playable card decks often hide the most lucrative prizes. So if possible, try to draw from the tallest piles first to ensure that you finish up strong. The worst is ending up with one tall stack of playable cards; it leaves you with no chance for combos and a strong possibility that you won’t clear the board.

Spam the Last Deck
That being said, if you end up with one deck of playable cards left, just switch into overdrive. There’s no thinking to be done here. Just click the playable card until nothing happens, then quickly click the deck and refresh the build pile. Click the playable card again and repeat. This should be done really quickly to end the game as soon as possible, netting you the biggest score.

Level Up
Even if you can’t make it to the top of the leader boards, you can still show off by having the best-looking deck of cards. Collect fish through playing Solitaire Blitz or by purchasing more with Facebook Credits. Once you have enough fish you’ll level up and unlock new decks of cards that are shown off on the leaderboards.

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